It’s On

It’s On
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We have officially named October 18th 2014 as the third annual North American Conker Championship. Previous events were so much fun that we couldn’t wait to schedule the next championship. Email us if you would like to register for this years event.



Start Date of Event Saturday 18th October 2014
Title/Name of Event North American Conker Championship
Time of Event Register 10.00am Competition 10.30am

Place of Event Historic Gardens,
441 St. George Street, Annapolis Royal

Brief Explanation of the Event

Conkers is a centuries old British Game using the hard brown seed of
the horse chestnut tree threaded on a length of string. Individual bouts
feature two players taking alternate attempts to break their
opponents conker. The knockout format tourney for the prestigious
Crofton Chalice is open to all ages and genders.

Contact information

Contact Person’s name: Peter Davies
Event Person’s Phone Number : 9025322739
Event Contact Person’s Email:
Host Group’s Website Address:

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